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The Lord Who Provides

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus

Philipians 4:19 (NIV)

Have you ever taken time to learn about the names of God in the Old Testament? This is something I love to do.  Each name describes an aspect of God’s nature, character and how He cares for us. Over the years as my relationship has deepened with Him, I will naturally draw towards the aspect of God that fits each situation that I journey through.  The name I have called upon so often of late is Jehovah Jireh which means “the Lord who provides” and may I say, He has never failed to do just that.  This name is the one aspect of God that I see so clearly every day. Looking back there is not a day where He hasn’t provided what I needed for each season – even the times where it was almost impossible to see any good at all.

When I was younger I would get sick quite often and the doctors struggled to find out why. One of my doctors even likened me to a Ferrari.  He said, “when one thing in your system is “out” the rest goes out of wack”.  Before this year I had managed to have 8 years of excellent health (to my systems standard anyway).  2016 has been different.  In the last couple of months my entire family and I seemed to be in a relay team but instead of handing on a baton we would be passing along a virus.

I must admit the flu I had a month or so ago became quite serious and, just for a split second, I wondered if my body was reverting to what it used to be. At this point in time I had a two choices.  I could focus on the negative, or I could draw closer to God.  Because this strain of flu had me bedridden my instinct was to be moaning and groaning with a dash of panic  but instead I took a deep breath and said “OK God, let’s see what I can learn from this time of forced rest”.

You see, when we choose to turn towards God and say “what can I learn” rather than wallowing in the “why me?” moments, we change the posture of our heart from “woe is me” to “teach me” giving opportunity for growth in ways we would never have imagined.

Don’t get me wrong, finding the strength to do this in all circumstances can be difficult but it is amazing what you can learn when you do – especially whilst bedridden for a week in between the exhausted moments of sleeping as your body heals.

I learnt many things during this time but my favorite was this.  When I chose to accept my circumstance and instead work at quietening my spirit – even when it was difficult to focus – it allowed me to hear my internal voice speaking what my soul knew with conviction “God will provide”.

And God certainly did.  He had provided me with a roof over my head and a bed to rest in.  He made sure I was fed every day while I was too sick to cook courtesy of my beautiful Church family and He had given me a wonderful son who looked after me without being asked.  Through this beautiful moment of resting in His provision I was reminded that I am always looked after by a loving God who gives me strength when I can no longer stand.

So friend, if you are in a season of struggle, hardship or general frustration and can’t see the way ahead let me reassure you that God is there, He does provide and will restore you in ways you will not expect.  All you need to do is seek Him and wait – look for the God moments – from a random flower blooming when you needed a lift of spirit, to the friend dropping off a meal when you are too tired to cook.  There are so many moments of provision we miss because we aren’t looking.


Where have you seen God’s provision this week? I encourage you to start a “God Moments” journal to note down in point form where you have seen God each day – especially in the tough times.


Matthew 6:25-34; Ephesians 1:3.



                              Holy Bible: New International Version. (2011). Grand Rapids, Mich.:                                               Zondervan


Do you ever look at your life and wonder "How did I ever end up here?"..... Me too, all the time! I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend and Jesus follower who's everyday life is full of ups and downs, laughter and tears and all the in between. The most important thing is I am living my life under grace thanks to the everlasting love of my Heavenly Father. I hope you can join me as I walk step by step looking for the wisdom in each moment along the way.

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